Sunday, June 29, 2014

Product Love | MAYBELLINE Color Elixir™ By Color Sensational®

The MAYBELLINE Color Elixir™ By ColorSensational® lip glosses are great because they pack a punch when it comes to colour. They also glide on the lips and feel very comfortable on. The Angora Lip Brush definitely makes a difference on delivering a smooth application. The 2 shades that really jumped out at me were in a deep warm plum and of course purple, which seems to be my current love affair!

The lip glosses are amazingly shiny and light reflecting however, with most glosses, application is key because if you apply too much it’s not a cute look. The best way to apply it, as per the Maybelline website is to work on the top lip first, starting at the centre to the outer edges of the lip. Then finish off with gliding across the entire bottom lip.

These glosses are great paired with a bit of mascara and keeping the focus on the lips. The other plus is that glosses are amazing to use in the Summertime. They have staying power whether you take a dip in the pool or just enjoying being outside in the Sun!

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