Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lifestyle | Vacation vs. STAYcation... Pros & Cons

There are many of us that count the days, the hours and the final minutes before a vacation. It's the same feeling we had as kids on the last day of school, knowing the end of structure, deadlines and being indoors is over and freedom is a second away!

Recently people have opted to take Vacation time and use that time to stay home and not actually leave to go anywhere! Fondly, a new term was invented to refer to this time off. It is known as a STAYcation!

Vacations away were popular and still are of course. There are many of those who love to plan, budget and swear that leaving to go away is the best thing. However, there are the other group of people who favour relaxing at home and having that time off locally is enough to recharge and relax.

Now I have done both, and to be completely honest, I love both! However here are the comparisons in my mind, the good and the bad for doing either.

Vacation Benefits:
  • Exotic Destination
  • Better weather options (if you go to a hot destination during Winter Months)
  • Variety of AMAZING Food Options
  • Numerous amenities (Room Service, Spa Service etc.)
  • Entertainment Options (Casinos, Bars and Clubs)
  • Couples only options as well as Family Friendly
  • Relaxation options are endless and you go home with an amazing tan!

Vacation Downside:
  • Depending on the travel rating, the destination may not be what you expected or read about.
  • Tropical destination also carry the risk of tropical storms
  • Food Options can be dismal or not exciting
  • Too many amenities to enjoy (Think Vegas! A good and a bad)
  • If the hotel has a down season, the entertainment options can be limited or closed
  • If you are looking for relaxation and end up in younger demographic resort or vice versa
  • With a beautiful Tan also comes the risk of an awful one! (Think "Glasses" Tan)

I have been blessed to have gone on a variety of vacations and I have enjoyed my time and my destinations accordingly! What I dread the most is the time when you board your plane and head back to your normal routine, it's such a downer! Especially when you get off that plane and the Toronto Weather welcomes you back with a cold weather slap, which is always refreshing (NOT!).

STAYcation Benefits:
  • You can pretty much do whatever you want
  • There is not cost, so you save money
  • No worries about packing or waiting in lines for your plane
  • You can do a variety of things, catch up on good TV or nothing at all
  • If you are a home project lover, you can finally get those things checked off your list

STAYcation Downside:
  • Sometimes the things you want to do you opt not to because you become too relaxed
  • If you are a social butterfly, you can end up spending money but not as much as a vacay
  • Weather can also be a factor. The one week you pick can either be cold or blah
  • Being home might force you to do those tasks which end up tiring you out
  • You may end up watching too much TV or overkill on Reality TV (which can be a good thing too)!

The good thing after a staycation is that it forces you to be creative and see your own city as a playground. Also, each day moves slowly because there is no time limit on what you have to do. So your days seem to last longer which makes your vacation seem longer.

Whatever you decide, time off is time off, and be sure to un-plug, disconnect and enjoy whichever option you pick! I think it`s good to alternate time off between Vacation and Staycation options. So my next vacation will be a trip away, we shall see!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Beauty Look | #FOTD/#MOTD Smouldering Purple!

Purple is one of my favourite colours to wear. It looks great on all skin tones and works beautifully for brown eyes! I put together a purple smokey eye look using the Giorgio Armani Quad #12. A mini palette of sorts that still allows you to create a beautiful makeup look.

Check out the pics and details below:

Primer: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #10
Lower Lash line/Waterline: MAC Smoulder Eye Pencil/Mixed with Dark Purple Shade from Quad
Lids: Lilac Shade
Transition: Earthy Brown Shade
Crease: Dark Purple
Brow Bone: Lightest Shade
Mascara: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara
Liquid Liner: Vasanti Cosmetics Liquid Liner Cleopatra
Accent Colour: Applied on the middle of the lids - Lightest Shade from Quad
Foiled Purple: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill (Fall Collection 2013) Scarab Violetta #33

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk #7
Mixed with: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #10
Cheeks: Giorgio Armani Blush #506 + Bronzer #100

Beautique Liner in Soft Brown
MAC Lipstick in Angel
MAC Lipglass in Perky

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro in #02
Giorgio Armani Brow Pencil in #02
YSL Touch Eclat to Define Browns underneath and on top

The reason I use Fluid Sheer as a base for my shadow is it makes for a great primer. Fluid Sheer is a liquid based highlighting product that can is used for, of course, highlighting, but it works beautifully as an Eye shadow primer. The "sticky" texture allows the powder shadow to adhere which results in a longer wear as well as NO creasing! I have worn this look for 12 hours now and it has NOT creased!

I also like to mix Fluid Sheer with my foundation for a glowing finish to the skin!

Such a beautiful look to do for a night out, a reception look paired with a darker lip or Date/Girls Night! Try it out and feel free to comment, share or post your version of this look!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lifestyle | My 30 Day Detox from Celebrity Gossip

OK, I have finally decided to fess up and admit that I am a gossip lover! 

From seeking, reading, twittering, facebooking to instagramming, I am a little obsessed with Celebrity gossip. The thing is, as much as I LOVE it, I also hate Celebrity Gossip, like I mean, I detest it. I cringe to myself when I speak to a group of friends or colleagues and our normal conversations somehow become about the infamous, pseudo or wannabe celebrities! What starts out as a seemingly normal conversation has now turned into a conversation about people we will never meet in our lifetime, yet we all participate in dissecting, analyzing, gossiping and of course judging...therefore I cringe. 

However, when I get home, my night time ritual of web surfing allows my hate to fade. My once strong opinions about them, such as what they should be doing or not doing alters because now I seek their lives in photos, which I do INTENTIONALLY every night! I am like a fiend, I must have my fix! I feed this need to be a voyeur then have the strong need to expunge whatever I have seen. A true love hate relationship but I can honestly make the statement that I truly am a celebrity gossip addict.

Like with any bad habit that you find yourself participating in, you must do a number of things to modify or correct the behaviour. My steps of how I tackled this problem are listed below:

1. Admit there is a problem
2. Deter or delete any triggers of celebrity gossip
3. Replace the bad habits with good habits
4. Do it for 30 days to ensure success.

So, I took the time to tell a few people that I am not going to watch Celebrity Gossip or seek out their photos for the next 30 days! The common responses were:

“Are you serious? There is no way?”
“Well what will we talk about then?”
“Do you really think you can do that for 30 days?”
Or my personal favourite:
“How about I tell you about celebrity news and that way it’s not you seeking it, but me telling you?”

Clearly I had a lot of support (NOT!) Lol! After admitting my plan, I deleted a few celebrities off my Instagram and then cleared my web history and deleted the celebrity sites from my bookmarks. I thought, OK, I can do this. In order for me to survive, I had to purge on all the gossip I could get my hands on. Once I did, I felt confident in my plan!

Now, for all the extra time that was spent on gossip reading, I opted to Learn. So instead of going to my go-to celeb sites, I opted to go to regular vanilla flavoured News sites. I started spending more time focusing on me and my goals. I picked up some good books, corresponded with family, spent time with loved ones and cooked a new meal that I got off the net. At work, the conversations I had were more fulfilling and not so superficial. It was nice that I can hear about someone’s day versus what celebrity x wore and debating the merits of his or her body parts. #Truth #RealTalk. The month allowed me to make connections that mattered not empty ones.

I am glad I chose 30 days for this detox. There were many arguments on the merits of changing bad habits within a certain number of days. Some argued 21 whereas I read even 28 - 30 days can help. I chose to detox for 30 days since I wanted it to be a full month with 1 day of Celebrity Gossip overload, which I did indeed!

Once the 30 days were up, I have to be honest, I felt smarter, well-rounded as an individual and felt clear headed. After the detox, I occasionally go on the gossip sites and pick out a few articles to read. The time spent has been cut down tremendously. I realized I was more attracted to Entertainment News versus the hear-say gossip that I used to prefer reading about.

The detox worked for me! Go ahead and try your own 30 day detox and see how it can work for you!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beauty Look | #FOTD/#MOTD - Green Eye Makeup with Pink Lips :)

Green shadow looks are making it everywhere on the #NYFW (New York Fashion Week) runways. I wanted to try out this fun shade by using products I already had on hand. You can always buy new makeup for new trends but if you are a bonafide makeup junkie (aka Makeup addict) like me, than you will always have the products that you need in your makeup bag or drawer :)

This is a perfect FALL makeup look. Here is my look de-constructed below:

Primer: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #10
Lower Lash line/Waterline: Annabelle Black & Blue Eye Pencil
Base: Vasanti Kajal Extreme Eye Pencil in Black on 2/3 of the Eye and Crease
Transition: Giorgio Armani Bronzer #400 into the crease
Lids: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill (Fall Collection 2013) #32 Gold Hercule (Mixed with Fluid Sheer #10)
Crease: Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer 88 Palette  - Rich Emerald
Mascara: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro in #02
Giorgio Armani Brow Pencil in #03
YSL Touche Eclat to Highlight Underneath and on top

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Liquid Foundation #7
Highlight: Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #10
Cheeks: Giorgio Armani Bronzer #400

Beautique Liner in Wine
Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani Sheers Lipstick (Summer 2014 Collection) #603 Plum

I love this look and will be wearing it a lot for the Fall months! Try this look out and share your comments below! If you wanted to neutralize this look, use a brown shade for the crease to blend. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Product Love | Giorgio Armani Faves & Coming Soon!


Let's be real, anyone who receives a goodie bag, a gift or swag, can't help themselves but to feel excited! That's how I felt when I received my goodies from Giorgio Armani. I got a mix of current and yet to be launched goodies which I am going to share below!


Giorgio Armani launched a collection of NEW bronzers for the Summer called Sun Fabrics. My two favourites from this collection were Shade #100 and #400. Shade #100 is a a gorgeous, smooth caramel brown that diffuses beautifully on the skin. A great all over bronzer to set foundation or for a soft contour in the hollows of the Cheek and the perimeter of the face. Travel friendly with the inclusion of a brush!

Shade #400 is a bit warmer and adds more depth to the face. I like to use this one as my "touch-up" bronzer to re-emphasize the cheek bones, works great alone or paired with blush. This also makes a great transition colour for eye shadows whether you are doing a smokey or a neutral eye.


This is a gorgeous Mascara, creates full, long, thick and dramatic lashes. The formula is amazing to work with and you can continuously work the product through your lashes till you achieve the desired look! The whole collection of Mascaras are amazing, but this one is my current favourite!


I absolutely adore this blush! Shade #506 looks great on EVERY skin tone. The blush is a warm rosy pink which is super flattering. Offers great pigment and blend-ability which diffuses onto the cheeks perfectly!


This is such a gorgeous pink shade called Peony, a warm pink shade that works well from Summer into Fall. Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks are amazing because they have Vitamin E and Shea Butter which helps to protect the lips with each use. Highly pigmented colour with an amazing hydrating feel!


There are three new shades coming in for the already existing Rouge Ecstasy collection. Three new Red Inspired shades. Let me introduce you to Rouge Ecstasy Spice a gorgeous warm Red! I will be doing a look based on this shade soon so you can see how it looks on!

I am so excited for the launch of this product! This is Eye & Brow Maestro #02 and looks amazing with my skin tone and hair colour! It is a versatile Brow product that offers the following uses:
  • 9 Gorgeous shades
  • Easily applies and sets for 20 hour wear
  • Does not fade
  • Natural looking colour
  • Allows for precision definition or natural looking brows
  • Great as an eyeliner
  • Works amazing as an Eye shadow base

Check out the above products as they work well into Fall and are perfect additions to add to your makeup bag or kit! Stay tuned for Makeup Looks on the blog showcasing these products!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Beauty Look | EOTD: Neutral Winged Liner

This look is very fun to create. I normally wear a thinner liner and I do a kitten liner which is a smaller and softer version of the full Winged Liner.  For this look, I wanted to showcase how easy it is to take a neutral eye makeup look and amp it up with the liner.

Check out the look details below:

Products Used:

  • Eye shadows | Urban Decay Naked Palette 
  • Lid: Sin w/Virgin on top
  • Crease: Buck Mixed with Smog
  • Inner Corner: Sin
  • Corner/Outer Crease: Creep mixed with Gunmetal
  • Brow Bone: Virgin
  • Waterline/Lower Lashline: MAC Smoulder Black Eye Pencil
  • Lashline: Gunmetal and Creep
  • Liner: Vasanti Cleopatra Liquid Liner
  • Mascara: Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Next time you have a soft or neutral looking eye makeup, try making your Liquid Liner the focus and it will make your eyes pop!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

#INSTAGRAM LOVE | My favourite Instagram Beauty Profiles

I love the digital age we are in, especially when it comes to Makeup and being able to find inspiration. As those who know me, I do have a love/hate relationship with all the time social media tends to monopolize however, we can control the content we see and the time spent. This digital age has opened the doors and connected our eyes to some amazingly talented individuals all over the world. I have found and learned so much from fellow makeup artists and beauty lovers from around the world.

Today I would like to share my Top 5 Instagram Beauty profiles that I love!

1. AmRezy
Otherwise known as "GLAMrezy" this woman defines how to use Instagram to showcase her talent! I love how vivid and gorgeous her looks are. She has a variety of photos that include makeup looks as well as great fashion pics!

A lovely makeup artist who also posts beautiful makeup looks on Instagram. She has moved into teaching makeup seminars and loves to share work of other makeup artists on her Instagram page which shows an admirable quality of who she is as a person.

This Instagram beauty is a Hair and Makeup Artist as of late is really focusing on stunning makeup looks and ways in which to create them. She offers Certified Makeup Courses that she will do with you one-on-one, which has been very popular for up and coming makeup artists. In addition, she travels around North America doing Makeup Events where she teaches her signature looks. She is a beautiful Makeup artist and understands the rules of Photography and creates flawless and photo friendly looks!

This is a makeup site that shares photos of work done by many makeup artists around the world! This profile helps to ignite creativity among other makeup artists with tons of Photo based tutorials on Eye makeup, Brows, Creative Looks and Nail Art. A great source of inspiration!

Recently discovered this Hair & Beauty Artiste! If you don't know, now you know. This woman has a signature style that is all her own and has amazing hair & makeup tutorials, techniques and tips on Instagram as well as her YouTube channel!

For me personally, makeup inspiration is everywhere! I am constantly learning whether it be at work from my colleagues, on Instagram, Fashion Magazines to watching Videos on YouTube. Creative inspiration is around us and we need to promote, share and continue to pass on positivity for everyone that is in this industry! Hope you all find some inspiration from the lovely women above too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review | NEW Makeup Purchases from Coastal Scents!

My love affair with Coastal scents started a number of years ago, when I first discovered the 88 Ultra Shimmer palette on YouTube and I have been in love ever since.  Recently, I had been meaning for some time to add to my makeup kit as it's important to branch out and have a variety of products to work from for the various types of projects that may come my way.

The great thing about Coastal Scents is they offer a variety of makeup products that are affordable and come in amazing palettes. My first experience with them was very positive and I was pleased once again by their service, efficiency and of course the products. Today I am sharing with you all my open box review of Coastal Scents from the products purchased, the order process & arrival, descriptions of the products and overall feedback!

The products that I was excited to order are listed below:

1. 15 Eclipse Concealer Palette $14.95
2. 10 Blush Palette $7.95
3. 28 Neutral Eye shadow Palette $11.95
4. 88 Original Palette $10.95

The website is pretty straight forward and highly organized. I must admit, you can easily get distracted looking at ALL the neat combos for sale, the new products and just looking at beautiful photos of the product. Nonetheless, a very easy site to navigate and to place your order. Quick email updates were sent to my inbox, letting me know of the order status and the approximate timeline of my delivery. Within 10 Business days I was to receive my order, but to my pleasant surprise my Coastal Scents box of goodies arrived sooner than expected!

When I saw the delivery box, I was very excited to open it! It was bright blue and I must say I loved that it had a white "bow" on the box, which made it even more fun to open!

Everything arrived packed very securely which kept the integrity of the product. Check out the photos below that showcase the packaging, the products and why I chose them.

1. Eclipse Palette - 15 Concealer Shades

Cost: $14.95

The 15 shades are a great mix of tones that can work to conceal, highlight and brighten. The palette includes 2 colour correcting shades, a highlighting shade and of course the concealer shades from cool, warm to deep. You can mix them to achieve the perfect tone or use alone! These colours are creamier in texture therefore you have to warm the product before application.

TIP: Use the bright or light shades underneath the brows as a clean way to define them!

2. 10 Blush Palette - A great mix of Blushes

Cost: $7.95

I love blushes! I could not resist getting this palette. I love the great mix of colours that this palette has. All these shades look gorgeous on all skin tones. Therefore this is a great starter palette for a makeup artist! As a makeup lover, you can work with these shades for any look that you desire from Natural, dramatic and Glam!

TIP: For a more lifted look, apply the blush above the natural hollow of your cheeks, on top of the bone sweeping upwards! Blending with bronzer will give a gorgeous sun-kissed look!

3. 28 Neutral Palette - Gorgeous Eye Shadows

Cost: $11.95

I absolutely LOVE this palette! A perfect eyeshadow palette for a new makeup artist and makeup lover! You can use this palette to create soft looks, dramatic looks and of course the classic smokey eye! A great palette for Bridal makeup as well! The shades are a mix of mattes, satins and soft shimmers! (Beauty Posts to come...stay tuned!).

TIP: Using a fine pointed brush or liner brush, apply the black or brown shadows for a soft diffused liner. A great alternative to the traditional liquid liner!

4. 88 Original Palette - Eye Shadow Colours 

Cost: $10.95

This is THE Palette that put Coastal Scents on the MAP! For me at least! The 88 Matte palette is an ideal palette because it includes beautifully pigmented colours to help with any look that you are trying to create. These matte colours offer the right amount of Drama and give you a world of options with their vibrant colours!

TIP: Matte shadows will recede when taking photos, therefore always remember to balance your shimmering shades with dark matte shades in the crease and corner for photo balance. The shimmer colours will look bright and the matte shades will provide the right depth! You will be #SelfieReady!

5. BONUS Gifts!

If you haven't ordered with Coastal scents before, please note, with every order Coastal Scents will always send a little gift along with some Promo material, such as the "I heart Makeup" sticker. The mini shadows allow you to try something new...The little touches make the difference!

I will definitely be shopping with Coastal Scents again! Check out these great products on their site here:! Happy Shopping! Stay tuned to the blog for some exciting Beauty Looks featuring the above products!