Sunday, November 27, 2011

HOTD - Hair of the Day - Beautiful Brunette :)

That dreaded time has arrived when you know it's time to colour your hair.  You avoid the mirrors, try not to notice the colour shift in your part, or ignore the damned sparklers.* 
*The pesky greys that tend to sparkle throughout your dark hair.  The only time I hate the "bling" factor, not terribly cute :)

Due to our current financial climate, I am certain every beautynista is cutting back or choosing to be picky with  their beauty related purchases and routines.  I have limited my salon visits and opted for in-home colour treatments, so far so good!

My hair was getting quite flat, dull and dark.  It was in need of a boost.  Normally, I have opted for dark colours or hues for Winter and brighter tones for the Summer...this time I opted to go lighter.  I used L'Oreal Superior Preferences - True Brunettes Collection in shade TB63 - Ultra Light Brown.  This product is intended for DARK Hair.

The process was:
  • Apply the colour from length to ends,
  • After 20 mins, apply the colour to the roots,
  • Wait an additional 10 mins and follow rinsing and conditioning instructions. 
  • Result:  Amazing!

Here are the before and after shots:

Flat, dark brown hair  vs.  Bright light brown

The process and instructions were typical other than switching around which parts I coloured first, but I realized after the colour had developed, why the order of which section you did first made sense.  The colour develops very quickly and the results are seen instantly.  Therefore, its important to follow the instructions to the minute to avoid any errors.  The next time I colour, I will opt to do the touch-up option. 

I would highly recommend this colour product and line, I have always been pleased whether I want to go lighter or darker.  This line is recommended for dark hair and will do what it suggests. 

Always Smile :)  - Sand

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall/Winter Faves :)

Summer is officially over! Fall is a great season of crisp air and changing leaves, but it does bring with it cold and windy days and drier climates indoor.  As a result, our skin can suffer.

Here are some products that I am using for the transition from Fall to Winter.  

1.  Nivea Visage |  Light Moisturizing Day Care with SPF 15
I am a Nivea girl through and through.  One of my earliest Childhood beauty memories is using the Nivea cream from the Nivea navy blue tin and that great scent!  I appreciate the fact the product is a lighter formulation which is great for my oily skin.  Plus it protects with the added SPF 15!

2.  St.Ives Elements | Fresh Skin Olive Cleanser
Olive oil and oils in general are quite popular in skin care lately.  I have been a fan of the St.Ives scrubs and when I came across this Olive based cleanser I wanted to try it out.  My skin feels amazing after I use this product.  Lightly scented and non-drying, the skin feels refreshed.

3.  Jamieson |  ProVitamina A - Retinal Renewal Night Cream
I love this creamy product as it absorbs into the skin at night and you wake up with glowing skin.  It helps to reduce the signs of aging and your skin will appear brighter with dedicated use.

4.  Maiga |  Shea Butter with Lavender
I came across this product at the St. Lawrence Market.  There were many variations available but I liked this version to use at night.  The lavender scent helps with a restful sleep and the Shea butter melts into the skin.  I use it on my hands, elbows, knees and feet.  A must for the pending winter months!

Always Smile :) - Sand

Saturday, November 5, 2011

L.O.T.D. - Vasanti's Kenya Lipstick + Celtic Lipshine :)

For my Lipstick of the day, I debated between my neutral/nude colour favourites and thought to try something a little deeper and bolder for the season.

Vasanti's Kenya Lipstick is the right choice for someone who is venturing slowly into the deeper hues, but not ready for the BOLD colours yet.  A great Plum shade for all skin tones.

I paired the Lipstick with Vasanti's Celtic Lipshine because I liked the subtle shimmery mauve shine on top .

Always Smile :) - Sand

Great Lash - Lots of Lashes :)

I am a huge Maybelline lover when it comes to their Mascaras.  Great Lash is a classic mascara that will always be a part of my makeup kit.  Kudos to Maybelline for not changing the classic packaging colours of PINK and lime green! What can I say, I am a sucker for Pink!

I came across this new "Lots of Lashes" version of the classic great lash at Shoppers Drug Mart, (my second place of worship :)  I was there to pick up a prescription and of course I HAD to visit the beauty section. 

My first impression on Packaging:
- Loved the bright bold display of the new Brush
- Was intrigued at the smaller size and shape of the brush
- It was Maybelline, and of course I had to buy it!

- Easy to build your lashes up
- Lengthens and provides volume
- Buildable formula
- Smaller brush shape allows you to get into the inner corner (See comparison pic below)

Original Great Lash Mascara (L) vs. Great Lash Lots of Lashes Brush (R)

- You have to be careful with the thickness of the formula

Before and After:

Final Thoughts:
I would recommend this product for all Lash lovers!  The small brush does provide an easier method to build lashes and great for lower lashes to get some impact.  It's a great update to the Classic Great Lash!

Always Smile  :)  - Sand