Sunday, November 27, 2011

HOTD - Hair of the Day - Beautiful Brunette :)

That dreaded time has arrived when you know it's time to colour your hair.  You avoid the mirrors, try not to notice the colour shift in your part, or ignore the damned sparklers.* 
*The pesky greys that tend to sparkle throughout your dark hair.  The only time I hate the "bling" factor, not terribly cute :)

Due to our current financial climate, I am certain every beautynista is cutting back or choosing to be picky with  their beauty related purchases and routines.  I have limited my salon visits and opted for in-home colour treatments, so far so good!

My hair was getting quite flat, dull and dark.  It was in need of a boost.  Normally, I have opted for dark colours or hues for Winter and brighter tones for the Summer...this time I opted to go lighter.  I used L'Oreal Superior Preferences - True Brunettes Collection in shade TB63 - Ultra Light Brown.  This product is intended for DARK Hair.

The process was:
  • Apply the colour from length to ends,
  • After 20 mins, apply the colour to the roots,
  • Wait an additional 10 mins and follow rinsing and conditioning instructions. 
  • Result:  Amazing!

Here are the before and after shots:

Flat, dark brown hair  vs.  Bright light brown

The process and instructions were typical other than switching around which parts I coloured first, but I realized after the colour had developed, why the order of which section you did first made sense.  The colour develops very quickly and the results are seen instantly.  Therefore, its important to follow the instructions to the minute to avoid any errors.  The next time I colour, I will opt to do the touch-up option. 

I would highly recommend this colour product and line, I have always been pleased whether I want to go lighter or darker.  This line is recommended for dark hair and will do what it suggests. 

Always Smile :)  - Sand


  1. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to change very dark/black hair, the colour comes out so vibrant and rich! Thanks! :)