Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall/Winter Faves :)

Summer is officially over! Fall is a great season of crisp air and changing leaves, but it does bring with it cold and windy days and drier climates indoor.  As a result, our skin can suffer.

Here are some products that I am using for the transition from Fall to Winter.  

1.  Nivea Visage |  Light Moisturizing Day Care with SPF 15
I am a Nivea girl through and through.  One of my earliest Childhood beauty memories is using the Nivea cream from the Nivea navy blue tin and that great scent!  I appreciate the fact the product is a lighter formulation which is great for my oily skin.  Plus it protects with the added SPF 15!

2.  St.Ives Elements | Fresh Skin Olive Cleanser
Olive oil and oils in general are quite popular in skin care lately.  I have been a fan of the St.Ives scrubs and when I came across this Olive based cleanser I wanted to try it out.  My skin feels amazing after I use this product.  Lightly scented and non-drying, the skin feels refreshed.

3.  Jamieson |  ProVitamina A - Retinal Renewal Night Cream
I love this creamy product as it absorbs into the skin at night and you wake up with glowing skin.  It helps to reduce the signs of aging and your skin will appear brighter with dedicated use.

4.  Maiga |  Shea Butter with Lavender
I came across this product at the St. Lawrence Market.  There were many variations available but I liked this version to use at night.  The lavender scent helps with a restful sleep and the Shea butter melts into the skin.  I use it on my hands, elbows, knees and feet.  A must for the pending winter months!

Always Smile :) - Sand

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