Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Collection: Summer 2014 - BRIGHT RIBBON by Giorgio Armani

It's always exciting to see a new collection in Makeup.  Since I am a lipstick lover, an addict of sorts, I was thrilled when these sheer lipsticks came in! The Giorgio Armani Bright Ribbon collection includes Sheer & Translucent Lip and Nail shades, which are perfect for Summer!

I picked up 2 of my favourite shades in Sheer Lipsticks from the collection. I love these tones, I find them very wearable for me, as both colours are cool toned shades. My picks were Rouge D'Armani Sheers Plum in #603 and Sheers Pink in #508.

Sheers Plum #603 with Flash

Sheers Plum #603 without Flash
Although this is a true plum based shade (sometimes the photos can be tricky to showcase that) the sheer formula means that it's not super pigmented and therefore will make a softer statement versus it being super bold. 

Sheers Pink in #508 with Flash

Sheers Pink in #508 without Flash
I LOVE love this colour. I will hands down pick a pretty pink lipstick everyday if I could. I love that this shade is a cooler toned pink which looks amazing on medium toned lips.

Check out the full collection at Holt Renfrew Sherway Gardens at the Giorgio Armani Counter. Pick your favourite shade and have fun wearing it for the Summer. Face of The Day posts including these colours will be posted soon, stay tuned!

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