Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's official...I am a NAIL POLISH Junkie :)

I can't help myself.  The look of the shiny bottles, the allure of the bright colours, to the variations on finishes, to fun things like "crackle", is it any wonder I am a Nail polish Junkie???????

Here is my latest fix:

How is this not the hotttttttttttttttest thing u have seen???
Name:  Colour so hot it Berns 

Name:  Glitzerland
I will post nail swatches this week, but in the meantime, please feel free to see the proof of this addiction below:

OPI The One that Got Away

OPI Nail Haul

Nail of the Day (NOTD) OPI Russian Navy

NOTD - OPI The Colour to Watch

Now that I see them all listed, I thought oh its only an OPI addiction but there are PLENTY of nail blogs coming up this week and I have collected Sally Hansen as well as China Glaze!

And, I am starting the Short Nail Revolution.  My nails are paper thin and don't grow and on occasion I will put on false nails, but in the meantime I love my shortness and am proud to rock all these amazing colours, so join me in this revolution!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

P.S. Please feel free to share in your own nail junkie experiences?? :)


  1. Great shades girl! I was having problems with my nails and decided to do UV gels on top - now they are long and I can paint them any shade!
    I do, however, still love love the look of short nails - love to see how you rock them!

  2. when ever i go to market i buy a nail polish .. i cant help my self

  3. Thanks ladies, let the short nail revolution and Love begin!