Sunday, February 15, 2015

Beauty Tip | Are you in a makeup rut?

Are you a slave to your Liquid Liner? 


Can’t see anything on your lips but frosted or beige lips? 

Never wore blush?

Everyone has their go-to look that they have hung onto, regardless whether it was 10 years ago or longer.  It may be something we dabbled into when we first discovered our love for makeup, perhaps a signature colour of lipstick, a particular product or a certain way of wearing eye makeup etc.

I thought it would be fun to share some makeup idea swaps that may help to move some of you into a new direction of wearing a particular look or product, check it out below:


Discovered:  Circa 90’s and before then in Egyptian times.
Product used then:  Cover Girl Liquid Liner

  • Swap Product:  Gel based Eye liners | Pen based | Soft Pencil
  • Suggestions:  MAC’S Blacktrack Fluid line | Maybelline MasterKajal Pencil 


Discovered:  Disco era and beyond
Product used then:  Flat/Matte blue shadow applied all over the lid

  • Swap Product:  Metallic Eye shadows or Eye Pencils
  • Suggestion:  Giorgio Armani Eye Tints | Makeup Forever Aqualiner Pencils


Discovered: Circa 90’s in Pink tones. Revisited in the 90’s with brown tones.
Product used then:  Baby Pink Frosted Tone Lipsticks

  • Swap Product:  Sheer Finish Lipsticks | Lip Balms | Lip Gloss
  • Suggestion: MAC Lipglass in PRRR


Discovered: Popular in the 90’s (Think Cindy Crawford or anyone on Friends!)
Product used then: Revlon Toast of New York and any beige lipstick from MAC

  • Swap Product: Beige/Brown has made a comeback but in more light reflecting finishes
  • Suggestion: Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butters | Darker Matte Lip like Fast Play by MAC


Discovered: Since the start of makeup when women would use berries to darkly stain cheeks
Product used then: Fruit and Variety of Pink Only shades of blushes.

  • Swap Product: Sheer blushes in a variety of shades which work well with all skin tones 
  • Suggestion: Cheek Fabric Powder Blush by Giorgio Armani | NARS Orgasm Blush. 

Hopefully there are a few swaps or new products that you can check out and incorporate into your day-to-night looks! Trends and technology in makeup is always changing so it's always good to check out what's out there and try something new! Be Brave!

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