Monday, February 16, 2015

Lifestyle | #MondayFunday aka Family Day Weekend (The Coldest Weekend Yet)

In Toronto, how lucky are we that during the coldest, possibly the coldest weekend EVER, fell on Family Day weekend. I am far from a snow bunny or outdoorsy but if I was, I would have parked my a** at home, which is exactly what I did.

The thought of leaving the warm cozy cocoon of my warm house far outweighed my desire to go outside. So for my #MondayFunday* I did the following: (*Normally reserved for Sunday but long weekends are the exception!).

  • Colour Coded my nail polishes (If you are Type A, you would love this).
  • Shredded all the crap that has been on my desk for months (Do I need those expired coupons!)
  • Finally folded my laundry. (Washed on time but never ever folded on time SIGH!)
  • Cleaned out my Beauty Product cupboard (That was a mission and a half, do I need a crimper?)
  • Ate a lot of Brookside Chocolate covered Acai/Blueberries (No, this is not fruit, me nuh care!)
  • Read a few more chapters from Mindy Kaling's book: A must read!!

Now at this point you may wonder, where is the Family Day in all of this, well we ended up having our Family time on Sunday with Pizza and laughs. I was super glad that the weather did force us to stay in, chill out and re connect vs. being on Go Go Go mode all weekend. 

I hope you all had fun with your Family Day weekend and stayed cozy and warm!

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