Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yummy Food - Vacay Post

I am going to try to post on my blog, at least once a week, food related posts.  I will share and showcase delicious food that I have enjoyed out and recipes that I love making at home.  This will be fun for me to share my love of food, share a variety of things I like, new things I have tried and good old favourites.  The beauty of all of this will be captured in words and of course photos!

This week I wanted to post pics of yummy food that I had on my vacation in the Dominican Republic.  As with most resorts, the food is available at all hours, and of course offered in Buffet Style for main meals.  Since I have to be careful with what I eat due to stupid  acquired food allergies, I made sure I picked food I was familiar with and are from my favourite category: CARBS! Lol.

Please enjoy the pics below:

Lunch on the first day, pasta was incredible :)

Dinner was almost gone till I realized I forgot to take a pic ;)

Breakfast in general will always be my fave in any country! :)

Mexican Restaurant in the DR!  Nachos & cheese w/ the view of the Beach

One Word:  Guacamole! 

This was a filling meal:  Chicken Mole, Taco chips, Coleslaw with Steak

Breakfast of Champions: Potatoes, Cheese, Bacon AND pancakes! :)

One of many reasons why all inclusive vacations are great, is that you get to enjoy a lot of various cuisines at once!  Many more Food and Recipe posts to come!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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