Thursday, September 6, 2012

Braids? Who knew - Fall 2012 Hair Trend

Now growing up in the early 80's and being South Asian, it was very common for girls in my family, during this era, to have their hair done in either a single braid or 2 braids.  

For me it was painful being in class and watching all the other girls with their hair flowing, decorated by pretty hair pins or headbands, and here I was with my hair pulled back into braids.  For me, braids represented restriction and therefore I begged to have my hair cut, and in time my parents gave in, and no more braids.

Fast forward to the present and braids are the hair-du-jour!  Who knew?  Now they reflect free flowing form and whimsical fun.  Therefore, I am falling back in love with braids from the creative, cute, funky and sexy ways to wear them.  

I compiled a few pics that I am in love with and would love to try! Hopefully once my hair gets a little longer :)

Look 1:  
The Snake braid which looks complex but is a simple twist on a regular braid.

Check out the great tutorial by clicking here or on the pic!

Look 2:
The Chain braid, 2 versions on this creative look!

An amazing Makeup artist and now amazing hair art! Click here.

Look 3: 
The Bridal braided bun, I love how pretty, effortless and beautiful this look is.

Such a pretty look for a bride or bridesmaids, click here for more inspiration.

Once I get a handle on the length and technique, I will share some of my own attempts.  Enjoy the inspiration!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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