Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspired Eyes - Blue and Gold

A few weeks ago I attended a beautiful wedding.  The wedding was a two day affair with the religious ceremony held at Black Creek Pioneer Village.  It was unique to see an Indian wedding against the beautiful backdrop of a clear blue sky and a green cascading lawn.  

I debated back and forth on what to wear to the reception and found the perfect outfit, a turquoise/blue Indian outfit embellished with gold toned details.  

Now as a Makeup junkie, you have to first find the perfect outfit but then you have to figure out the Makeup look to go with it.

My inspiration came from the jewellery I was wearing as well as the outfit.  Here is what I came up with:

My favourite part of this look was seeing it come together at the end and it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted the hint of gold with it washing into the turquoise blue.  Here is a breakdown of the look below:

Vasanti Liquid Cover - V4 (Eye base)
Vasanti E/S Duo Golden Temple, Lighter Shade (Inner Corner & Highlight)
Vasanti E/S Duo Lake Louise (Middle to Outer Corner) 
Vasanti Pure Pigment Mineral Shimmer Powder Sand Dune - (Middle of Eye)
Vasanti - Cleopatra Liquid Liner
Mascara – Vasanti Conditioning Long Lash Mascara

I lined the eyes underneath to reflect the hues on top, it completes the look and really makes the eyes stand out!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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