Friday, March 25, 2011

Upcoming Posts, Life and Books! :)

Originally I set out to do a variety of blogs, but of course, I have been mostly blogging about makeup and beauty, which I tell you, I love doing.

Some ideas that I am working on that is other than beauty will be the following:

South Asian Experience Book Reviews - Review of my favourite SA Authors and their books.  Growing up in a small town that was once predominantly non-Indian, it was hard at times to grow up and be a Canadian, and an Indian all at the same time....this duality of life was a challenge but eventually came together and has made me the person I am today.  Therefore, reading these books really touched my core.  From various events, places and times of my life that when I read these books, I feel like its written from my perspective.  So be sure to check in once a month for my monthly book review, because I'm a book-addict as well :)
** Important to note, I will review other books too but it would be nice to find the authors that have spoken to me and the Indo-Canadian experience **

Weekly Dose of Smiles - This will consist of various things that throughout the course of the week that has made me smile.  Whether it be a great restaurant, girl-time, funny video or a funny story, this will be documented at the end of the week, on Sundays for doses of smile, and who knows, maybe once you read these doses, you may feel inclined to share also, so feel free!

Quotes and One Liners - As I mentioned above, I love love books and will always come across a line or words or even from the Internet something that makes me go hmmmmmm or makes me take a second to appreciate life, therefore these will be sprinkled through the week.  Feel free to share your own quotes, mantras, tips on anything to make you love life or achieve your dreams.

Hair-Share - These blogs will be the journey it has taken me to grow my hair out so that I can donate it to Locks of Love. I started growing my hair about a year and half ago, and am almost there to MY comfortable donation point.  As things progress to the final donation date, I will be sharing the journey here :) 

Makeup Artist Love -  This is an idea that is still in the works but basically its showing love and support to all the various makeup artists out there who are doing this form of art because they love it and are passionate about it.  These artists are such amazing people and have such amazing stories and offer inspiring thoughts and ideas to share.  My tribute to these artist will be either a tweet-sharing or paying homage and doing a makeup look inspired by them!  For you makeup tweeters think of it as #FF but in Blog format!!  Feel free to contact me if you are interested or if you know of an artist worth checking out!!

So there you have it, a few things that I am working on that are not related to beauty (except for the last one) but for the love of books, life and the other phases and aspects we go through.

Always Smile  :)  - Sand

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