Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Smiles :)

1.  Aloo Parontay
A very popular Punjabi dish, that is a staple for many Indians to have for Sunday Brunch.  A stuffed roti with a spiced potato mixture, and paired with homemade or store bought Yogurt, soooo good! :)

2.  Cloudless Blue Sky
The best view of a glorious day is a cloudless blue sky, now it may not have been that way the whole week but there were times today where it was just a beautiful blue sky!

3.  Family Pizza Dinner
Whether its at home or out at a restaurant, its always nice to get together with friends/family for a Pizza Dinner, sooooo good!

4.  Say what?
As I tweeted earlier this week, when your dad says "That's what she said..." and he has no idea why that is so was classic, it made my day :)

I hope you all had some dose of smiles this week or weekend, feel free to share I would love to hear!!!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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