Friday, September 25, 2015

Coming Soon | Preview of Posts coming up on #BlogbySand

There are a lot of fun posts and things that I am working on and literally cooking up for the blog! So coming soon, here are few of the blog posts I am wrapping up:

Green Chicken & Veg Soup Recipe! (Click to see Post!)

I was recently sick and wanted to eat things to help me boost back my immune system.

This recipe is a gem! It's great when you are sick, or want to boost your immune system afterwards. This is also a great fall/winter soup recipe.

This soup incorporates a lot of great hearty vegetables, along with chicken and an amazing "broth booster" that you make from scratch!

It's delicious, warm, spicy and perfect for the cooler days ahead!

Laura Mercier Contour Kit!(Click to see Post!)

We have seen all the contour kits on the market with all the images on how to use them.

This baby here is a perfect Contour kit for anyone who wants an easy to use kit that gives a softer and subtle version of the famous contour.

I will showcase the product with a perfectly paired fall makeup look!

Creamy Butter Chicken Recipe!

Yummmmy! I can't wait to share this particular recipe.

It's creamy, the chicken is perfectly blended with the sauce and it's a very simple recipe that will impress anyone.

This is awesome paired with Rice or buttery fluffy naan aka naan bread.

I will be sharing both the Butter Chicken recipe plus the Indian Rice recipe as well. This dish will be sure to impress and soothe you on the colder days ahead!

All of the above posts and more makeup looks are coming soon! So please check back soon and happy reading!

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