Monday, September 14, 2015

The Many Moods of #Eyeliner | 3 Ways to perfectly shape your eyes!

My Love affair of eye liners started when I was really young! Watching my cousins get ready to go out and seeing how beautiful their eyes looked after they applied liner was like magic for me. I remember back when I first started experimenting with makeup, I started out with eye liner. I wasn't allowed to wear anything else, therefore naturally I became an expert on eye liner, the one thing I could wear.

I played with traditional Kajal from India, to Eye Pencils, Kohl Pencils, Eye Smudgers and Liquid Liners. Some were easy to use, and some took a bit of practice. They all offered very different and unique looks.

Today I wanted to share my top 3 ways of wearing eye liner using 3 different liner products. You will see how each one achieves a very unique look and they all result in beautifully enhanced eyes!

1. Waterline & Mascara
2. Winged Liner
3. Smokey Eyeliner/Shadow Effect

1. Waterline & Mascara 
This is a great look that anyone with any skill level can do. All you need is a good pencil liner that is long wearing. This look is placed in the inner part of the bottom lash line. You can layer the colour back and forth until you achieve the desired darkness of the liner.
Product to use: Kohl or a Kajal Pencil Liner in Black

2. Winged Liner 
One of my FAVOURITE looks to do! A full Liquid liner that "wings" at the end of the eye. The look is bold, unique and fun! You can take your wing as short or as big as you like! This look focuses placement on the top of the eye lid, close to the lash line and then extended outwards and up at the end.
Product to use: Liquid Liner with the Pointed Tip or Fine Brush

3. Smokey Eyeliner/Shadow Effect 
This is more dramatic and a super fun look! You can pair the black liner with any eyeshadow colour, the trick is that you need to use a Waterproof Black pencil and you do the application twice, including the waterline. You line the waterline first and then line the lower lash line as close as possible to the lashes. You start at the outer edge and bring it inwards to the middle of the eye. Take a smudger to "smoke" the rest. Then take your shadow and run it along the entire lower lash line and it will continue to smoke the effect. Add the liner a second time to give drama!
Product to use: Waterproof Eye Pencil and any eyeshadow

Liner can be one of the easiest ways to give your eyes a pop! The products available for liners now come in all forms from Pencils, Gels, Powders to Liquid. Pick the product that feels the easiest and go from there. Have fun and try these out yourself! Be sure to comment or share the post if you like these tips!

TUNE IN this week for my reviews of Eyeliner products that I am loving right now!

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