Friday, September 4, 2015

Beauty Tip | Changing your hair colour? Use these makeup tips to help your hair look amazing!

Photo Courtesy: Google Images/Rihanna

Have you ever noticed when you change your hair, all of sudden when you put your makeup or your fave lipstick, the makeup doesn't look the same, looks either too dramatic or makes you question your hair change?

A common trend, this time of year, is the seasonal summer to fall transition. It appears in fashion, clothes, makeup and hair. Typically, the hair will be the big change that occurs in terms of colour. Deeper hues and rich tones will take over versus the Summer hues of being sun kissed and golden.

This post, I wanted to share the best makeup tips and tones that you can use when you undertake a drastic hair change. Using these tips, will help your hair transtion pop and will help you see what will look best for which ever hair shade you choose! (Side Note: Other than Platinum blonde, personally I have worn my hair in many different hair tones, so I speak from personal experience that when you change hair and adjust your makeup, it helps you love your hair even more!).

Blondes (White or Platinum Tones)
  • Eyes: Soft Greys + Dark Liner or Soft Browns
  • Cheeks: Soft Pink/Coral Blush
  • Lips: Cool Soft Pinks or Bold Red Lip
  • Celebrity Inspiration:  Gwen Stefani
Photo Courtesy: Google Images/Gwen Stefani

Dark Blonde
  • Eyes: Medium Earthy Brown to Nude Tones
  • Cheeks: Bronze or Brick Toned Blush
  • Lips: Darker Pinky Nudes
  • Celebrity Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez
Photo Courtesy: Google Images/Jennifer Lopez

  • Eyes: Light Greys, Browns or Taupe
  • Cheeks: Coral Pinky Blush
  • Lips: Light Mauve or Coral toned lips
  • Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Beckinsale
Photo Courtesy: Google Images/Kate Beckinsale

Red (Mahogany, Black and Beyond)
  • Eyes: Bolder Cooler Shades on eyes. Darker Smudged Liner
  • Cheeks: Cooler Blush mixed with a matte bronzer
  • Lips: Blackcurrant, Deep Burgundy and Magenta Tones
  • Celebrity Inspiration: Rihanna
Photo Courtesy: Google Images/Rihanna
Be sure to have fun and be daring! Once you change your hair, you will feel confident and these tips above can help you transition your hair and makeup to make the perfect statement!

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