Saturday, July 25, 2015

Product Love | Yves St.Laurent - Full Metal Shadows

Traditional shadows in powder format are great, but Liquid Shadows have been making a big splash this year with Makeup Lovers! They offer ease of use, bold colours and long lasting wear. YSL introduced their liquid shadows called FULL METAL SHADOWS. Let's take a closer look!

  1. Grey Splash
  2. Eau Dargent
  3. Taupe Drop
  4. Onde Sable
  5. Steamy Coral
  6. Pink Cascade
  7. Aquatic Copper
  8. Dewy Gold
  9. Misty Green
  10. Wet Blue

  1. Grey Splash - Silver toned shimmer
  2. Eau Dargent - Pure cool white
  3. Taupe Drop - Gorgeous Taupe shade
  4. Onde Sable - True Gold Toned Shimmer
  5. Steamy Coral - Warm Shimmery Coral
  6. Pink Cascade - Warm Light Pink, perfect paired with gold
  7. Aquatic Copper - Rich Brown Toned Copper
  8. Dewy Gold - Yellow Light Gold
  9. Misty Green - Cool Green Tone
  10. Wet Blue - Silvery Shimmery Bright Blue

The YSL Full Metal Shadows are very shimmery and look amazing on the lids as well as lined underneath the lash line for a pop of colour. Use them alone, or pair them with other tones for a dramatic look. These are great for anyone that needs a quick shadow look in a pinch. They are long lasting, pigmented and give a great metallic look on the eyes!

Be sure to check them out!

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