Sunday, May 26, 2013

Perfect Lips for the Summer :)

In addition to the 3 new Lipstick shades, Vasanti Cosmetics also launched 3 NEW Lipshines.  These glosses are Vitamin E infused and leave a beautiful sheen of colour and are not sticky.  These colours in this formula are essential to your Beach Makeup Bag!

Lipshine Shades:  Gold Nile - Asov Rose - Darling River

Golden Nile is a sparkling gold shade that you can wear everyday, reminds me of a sparkling sunset!

Asov Rose is such a sexy shade with no shimmer but adds an extra pop to any bold lipsticks! Great for the bold and daring personality.

Darling River is a soft shade with no shimmer, offers high shine and is very pretty and a romantic shade. Perfect for a night on the board walk or a late night stroll on the beach.

Which shade would you wear for the Summer?

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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