Monday, May 25, 2015

Lifestyle | My Day-Off #Movie Lists

I am a movie lover! Other than severe Horror, I pretty much will watch anything! I do have certain movies that I love watching on Repeat, obviously not in the same day but more so whenever the opportunity to relax presents itself, these are the films that are my go-to's!

I have broken this category into specific sections or genres. Check out my list below:

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Movies from Novels:
1. Memoirs of a Geisha
2. The Other Boleyn Girl
3. Gone Girl

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Xmas Movies:
1. A Christmas Story
2. Elf
3. The Family Stone

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Laugh my Bum off Movies:
1. Tropic Thunder
2. Dodgeball
3. A Night at the Roxbury

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Business Movies:
1. Boiler Room
2. The Wolf of Wall Street
3. The Social Network

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Rom-Com's and Female Lead Role:
1. Sex & the City 1&2
2. Legally Blonde 1
3. Devil Wears Prada

1. Bad Boys 2
2. Fast and the Furious
3. Man on Fire

All of these movies are great to watch! Now I did leave out a very special genre which is the 80's! I intentionally did this because those movies deserve a blog post of their own! 

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