Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beauty Tip Thursdays | How to buy the right foundation with no regrets!

Being a Makeup Junkie and in the industry for some time now, I knew all the places I need to go to as well as the people I needed to speak to when it came to makeup. I easily navigated through the isles and the numerous number of displays and through my own trial and error, figured out what worked for me.

However, not all women who shop for makeup feel as confident or as comfortable. This post covers all the DO's and DON'Ts when you shop for foundation for the first time!

If you say YES to any of the following points, then you may continue reading:
  • You are not a makeup junkie
  • You haven't enjoyed any shopping trips Sephora or Shoppers because makeup was not your thing.
  • You have never worn foundation
  • You are looking for a simple way to feel confident without looking heavy or overly done
  • You feel intimidated by the Makeup Associates


  1. Judging by the bottle as being the right shade: The eyes can play tricks on us. What we see in the bottle may not always be the right colour. Therefore without trying it on, there is no way to be sure.

  2. Colour Matching on the hand only: Our skin on the hands or inner wrists are always lighter than our face. Think about it, our face is exposed to the sun the most and therefore can be a totally different shade than our hands. The wrist will give you the wrong shade since it's undertone and overall tone can be different.

  3. Not trying it on: This will waste time for you and will result in the wrong purchase. Most counters and brands will allow you to try the foundation from a tester before buying and also allow you to get a sample BEFORE you buy. So please be sure to ask vs. buying without trying.

  4. Buying the same colour or product because a friend has it: Again this goes back to point 1, our eyes can play tricks. We may seem to be all the same shade but your undertones can vary from Beige, Yellow or Pink. Therefore don't buy the same shade unless you have tried it on.

  1. Request a Colour Match: Always ask to be matched first and be honest with the Makeup Associate, let them know if this is a first time experience for you and you are not sure, this way it can be a positive experience for you.

  2. Request a Sample: As mentioned above, most counters offer a Sampling Program, where they provide a sample or make one for you based on the colour matching consultation that you have had.

  3. Checking lighting and time of day: The best time to test out a foundation for a proper colour match is during the day to early afternoon. Get your colour matched and walk around the mall with the foundation on, so you can see it in different lighting and feel 100% comfortable prior to purchasing.

You may be asked a number of questions regarding makeup, some common ones are below:

1. What is your Skin type (Oily, Dry or Normal/Combination) 
You should know this before going in. If you are oily, you know you are from the start. This will help the associate recommend the TYPE of foundation for you.

2. Finish you are looking for (Matte, Semi Matte or Glowing) 
This will help you in the long run. Countless women will buy matte, but then find it wasn't the finish they wanted on their skin and wanted a glowing look. A glowy foundation doesn't mean oily, it means it will light reflect to give a radiant healthy skin finish.

3. Allergy concern
Most products go through various allergy testing but if you know you have a particular allergy or concern, please share with your makeup associate.

4. Why you are buying it (Night Out, Natural Look, Everyday Makeup or Vacation) 
Since the technology has improved with the development of Foundation, it has also brought to the counter various types of foundation. You can now get various coverages, SPF protection and skincare benefits all from your bottle of foundation! The best way I have seen this described is with Giorgio Armani, who has designed foundations to be a "WARDROBE FOR FACE". The idea that you have a variety of clothes for different occasions reflect in your foundation choices and options.

  • Colour Matching is a MUST. Let the experts try it on you, and see it on you before you buy.
  • Buying on the spot: 110 % you should love it and if you are smiling, go for it!
  • Did you know: You can be at least 3 different shades in 1 year from Winter to Summer.

I really hope that this post can help guide any of you who feel intimated or have never worn makeup before and are afraid to ask! Ask questions, do some research and it's makeup, so don't let it stress you but make it a fun experience!

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