Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lifestyle | Happy New Year - Welcome 2015!!!

The start of the new year brings hopes, resolutions along with the multiple ways you may want to spend or celebrate the new year. Along with the new year comes with the the list of things you want to complete. 

My wish for myself personally is to do the following:
- Blog More
- Spend time with Loved ones
- Take at least 2 trips for 2015
- Continue making healthy choices
- Documenting and acknowledging more of the positives of the day
- Spend less time on irrelevant details and spend quality time
- Keep pushing forward no matter what
- Spend less time on Social Media, spend more time being social
- Write more and read more

Makeup wise, I would like to do the following:
- Attempt to do makeup videos
- Do more makeup looks as well as adding more creative aspects to the looks I do
- Review trends but make them work for me and for my clients (ie. Instagram Brow etc)
- Do more makeup reviews 
- Blog More (On both lists!)

These personal notes are more of a blueprint of what I would like to accomplish for this year. This is the perfect time to reflect and reset. Keep yourself in mind on what you need to do for you and everything will fall into place. I am going to share what I posted to both Facebook and Instagram yesterday:

Whether its a time to get glammed up, get the party started, get dinner or drinks, get pyjamas on, get little ones in bed, get your blessings in order, get your self set up in front of the TV/Netflix, get hyped for the new year ahead...whatever it may be...Be Thankful, Be Present, Be Supportive, Be Patient, Be Understanding, Be Optimistic, Be Kind and Be Open to the moments and not things that 2015 will bring. Happy New Year everyone!

Whatever you decide to do or reset for 2015, I wish you courage, support and love! Hope everyone had an amazing time ringing in 2015 and wishing and sending all my best to you! xoxo

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