Monday, March 12, 2012

90's Throwback - Toast of New York :)

My very first lipstick experience, (minus the one that got me in trouble at home), was Revlon's Toast of New York.  It was THE colour, for every girl in high school in the 90's.  It was a moisturizing, smooth feeling and perfect shade of toasted brown. It looked great on everyone.  

Check out my fave lipstick from the 90's:

Please feel free to share your first lipstick memory!

Always Smile :) - Sand


  1. You know, for a brown it's not bad and looks lovely on you! I hated the whole 90s brown lipstick thing though. I was a child of the 80s so all that brown was so...foreign!
    I honestly can't remember my first lipstick-it was such a long time ago for me!

  2. I remember the 90's craze over Revlon Toast of New York lipstick! My best friends and I were all OBSESSED with this shade of lipstick and couldn't get enough of wearing it...and yes, we were high school sophomores at the time! I remember thinking back then we were the $#*! wearing it...LOL!

  3. It was the best craze! Every girl I knew had it, bought it, borrowed it, used it and paired it with Annabelle Liners (Back then the best brown liner was the eye liner shades) Good ole days! Thanks for the comment! :)