Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lifestyle Post: Top "Anthem" Songs :)

I love music! I love how it can take you back to a single moment in your life.  Today I am specifically talking about songs that have an "Anthem" feel.  There will be a mix that I have posted but here goes:

#5 - Express Yourself - By Madonna
What can I say, this song when it first came out had a cool video, a great beat, and you wanted to learn the lyrics asap.  We didn't have the aid of the Internet to find the lyrics,you had to learn the words by hearing it over and over again, or you bought the Tape (Yes i said Tape!) or watch the video on MuchMusic, and in the process you would learn the dance moves :) ... I didn't care about the "explicit" imagery in her video, all I cared about was the message "Express yourself"!

#4 - Survivor - By Destiny's Child
It was hard not to love everything by these women, but this song had the perfect ingredients for what makes a great anthem! It was catchy, you could dance to it and the words you can identify with!

#3 - All I Do Is Win - By DJ Khaled
This is a great song!  I have this on my IPOD and I will re peat at least 3 times before I move on.  It is a must for anyone who wants to feel and get motivated so check it out!

#2 - Born this way - By Lady Gaga
How can this song not be on this list! This song makes me smile and yes, I will sing this loud and proud at any given moment!

Drum roll please..............................................................

#1 - Freedom - By George Michael
Hands down, one of the first songs I remember listening to and thinking I love the message and I love this song.   It was easy to listen to, to dance to and to sing along to.  Hands down my favourite all time anthem!

What are YOUR fave ANTHEM Songs? Feel free to share!

Always Smile  :)   - Sand

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