Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In the Mood for Nude ;) - Part 1

*** Mini Haul Alert ***

I have a confession, I am a makeup addict and a junkie, I can't go into a make up store and not walk out with something....but does it make me smile....OH Yeaaaa......So I'd like to share my mini MAC Haul below:

Here are the shades and swatches, which fall into my latest nude obsession, they are so pretty:

Now these are shades that I think would look great on any skin tone.  Here are my lip pics below:

MAC - Cherish

MAC - Freckletone

MAC - Viva Glam V - More of pinktoned nude but still pretty :)

MAC - Lipglass in PRRR

Be sure to check these shades out next time you are in MAC.

Always Smile :) Sand


  1. viva glam 5 is my favorite ever from mac!

  2. Gorgeous! Did you use a lip liner and if so what shade....looks so nice

  3. No lip liner, just the lipsticks as is! Thank you for the compliment! :)