Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Happy Joy Joy! How do you get Happy?

I woke up today and while watching the news found out that today is the International Day of Happiness! It was established on June 28th 2012 by the United Nations General Assembly and is celebrated throughout the world on March 20th. To honour this great day, I wanted to share a few ideas and things from my life that make me happy!

1. Dance like it's 1999
I love to dance and it will happen anywhere, in the car, in the aisles of the grocery store, in a change room and the more obvious places like a club, a dance or a family party.  What I LOVE about dancing is that it instantly makes me happy.  It will be rare to find someone on the dance floor who dances with a non smiling face, rather, it will be rare to find me dancing on the dance floor and not smiling! Here are some dancing photos below. Even looking back at these pics, they make me happy!

I was dancing like I wrote the song! I was in between smiles ;) LOL! 

Family Party in the UK - Always a blast and a great time :)

2. Pretty Decor & Flowers
With amazing apps like Instagram, we are exposed to a world of images and photos that are amazing, gorgeous and are happiness inducing. I love pretty decor and whenever I am at a party, wedding or at an event in the city, I am constantly taking photos. Here are a few pretty ones from this category:

Amazing and Romantic decor from a family wedding!

Window shopping with a dear friend :)

Decor Ideas at a Beauty Event

3. Chocolate
I love chocolate, whether it's fancy to the candy bar from the local convenient store. Nothing reminds me more of my childhood with my family and friends as much as Chocolate does. Ithink that is why I crave it so much if I am feeling blue. Sweet items are usually tied to a celebration of a positive kind which I am happy to enjoy!

Oh my gawwwww! 

A lovely chocolate Mousse dessert!

Halloween Candy - All Day!

4. Last but not least - Food
Food is a celebration and is a time for when the family will gather, especially at my house. There is 1 dish that is my all time, ultimate, amazing and is one of the best dishes my mom makes and has taught me to make which is the ultimate Punjabi Curry Chicken with Rice. Nothing makes me happier than smelling that intoxicating aroma from the kitchen! I have posted that and other great dishes that bring happiness to me!

Home cooked Curry Chicken = Happiness & Love :)

Spicy Thai Chicken & Vegetables :)

Jamaican Curry Chicken, Coleslaw with Rice & Beans :)

Trinidadian Barbecue Chicken, Macaroni Pie and Rice! 
Writing this blog taught me that there are so many amazing things that make me happy. I shared a few things that always guarantee happiness from within me.  Feel free to share what  makes you happy in the comments below!

Always Smile :)  - Sand


  1. Sand :) Hope you are doing well!

    I didn't know it was the official international day...pretty cool though :)

    Anyway did you try the Philadelphia Chocolate? I bought it a few weeks back cause it was on sale...and I actually can't get through the tub! Which is a shame cause I really liked the combination theory :P

    1. I am doing great!! Thanks for asking :) Oh no to the Chocolate cream cheese, I love it though! I wonder if you can incorporate it into a recipe like a cheesecake or a mousse cake?

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