Sunday, December 29, 2013

EOTD: Glam & Dramatic - Holiday Look 2

The holidays have been filled with so much family, friends, parties and of course food!  Now that Christmas has passed, everyone is getting excited for New Year's Eve 2013!

Depending on your plans, if you are going to go out for dinner or to dance the night away, here is a fun dramatic and glam eye look.  Perfect for a night out to celebrate the new year to come.

1. Prep - Apply Primer all over the eye area and underneath the lower lash line. 

2. Lid - Apply a Medium Grey Blue Shadow all over the lid, packing on the colour well. 

3. Crease - Apply a warm rose gold shade onto the crease, blend well into the blue.

4. Outer Crease - Apply a light soft brown into the corner edge and blend into the crease.

5. Water Line - Apply a bright blue liner which helps eyes pop!

6. Lower Lash line - Using the same bright blue liner, start in the middle underneath the lash line and apply outward and extend. This line underneath should be thick. Take a shimmer shadow in the same shade of blue and layer the colour on top of the created line. 

7. Inner Corner - Use a bright vanilla shimmer shade into the corner tear duct and blend out into the lash line, blending with the blue line, not going past the middle point.

8. Eyeliner - Take a waterproof black pencil liner and create a thin line close to the lower lash line from the inner to the outer corner.

9. Top Lash line - Apply Liquid Liner and wing out right above the blue line.  Apply 2 coats of mascara for extra drama!

10. Brow Bone - Using the same shade applied into the inner crease, apply to the brow bone under the brows.

Pair this look with a nude peach lip colour and top it off with a clear lip gloss for added dimension. 

Whether your dress is black, silver, gold, magenta, purple or any of the colours below, this makeup will look amazing with your dress of choice!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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