Wednesday, September 4, 2013

EOTD - Blue Jays Inspired Look - Dramatic

This was such a fun look to put together!! I finally took some time to do an extension to my sports-themed related eye shadow looks (Originally I started out with a few NFL related looks).

After these NFL posts were published, a lot of people have requested looks that were from other sports teams, specifically Toronto teams.

So here is my tribute to the Toronto Blue Jays! This is a fun yet dramatic look that you can wear at home or at the bar watching the game, check out the details below:

1. Line the eyes with a Navy Liner that is waterproof. On the top, line half way.
2. Use a medium light blue shade and apply all over the lid and into the crease.
3. Use a deeper blue shade and apply at the corner of the eye and blend inwards.
4. For added intensity, use the same eye liner from step one and create a small triangle.
5. Blend out with either your fingers and then buff inwards with a fluffy brush.
6. Use a champagne sparkly shade to highlight the inner corner and into the inner lid.
7. Line the top lash line with a thin liquid liner in black and do a subtle wing upwards.
8. Finish with two coats of Mascara.

For the final look you can add a pop of blue by lining underneath the lash line with the same blue liner and then adding the medium blue shade right on top.

Because this look is so fun and dramatic, it's a great look for any Blue Jay fan! For additional drama, you can pair it with a sexy Red Lipstick to complete the look!

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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