Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2013 Make it your own!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope everyone got a chance to reflect, think and remember 2012, and got the chance to ring in 2013 with loved ones!

2012 for me was a very busy year, here are a few highlights:

  • Celebrated a Milestone B-day with Family & Friends
  • Worked 2 big Makeup events
  • Travelled
  • Spent time with Family
  • Changed careers
  • Reignited my love for reading and discovered some classics and new stories
  • Explored our GREAT city 
  • Shared my favourite pics on Instagram:  http://instagram.com/makeupbysand

Life has shown me that with the good, we can also go through difficult things as well.  What can help you get through these difficult times is if you remember the great people that are in your life, and that if you focus on the good, there will always be amazing things to be thankful for.  I carry this with me into 2013, another year of promise, of growth and great memories to be had.

Therefore, even though resolutions can be short lived, and last only in the month of Jan., I don't typically like to call them resolutions, rather I like to establish goals at the start of the New Year.  This can be anything that you want to accomplish, goals you put on the back burner, dreams that you continue to have but are fearful of making them come true, family you want to reconnect with, career or school related goals...whatever they may be, make 2013 your own!

I have a mixture of things I would love to achieve in 2013, some are fun, some are whimsical, some are private, but one I would like to share is the frequency of posting on my blog, because when I am here I feel a calmness, an excitement to share, the need to reflect and to remember the good which should make it easier to...

Always Smile! - Sand :)

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