Monday, September 10, 2012

Product to Try: Marc Anthony True Professional Easy Lites

These posts relating to this topic are and will be pretty simple, I pick a product that I want to try.  The products will be chosen for the following reason:

  1. Products or things that I have seen and want to try
  2. Heard about from friends or in the industry
  3. Trend setting item
This way, I get to have a part two of the blog with me having ample time with the product and providing a realistic review.

I heard about this unique product from the Marc Anthony True Professional line, that would give your hair highlights by using a flat iron.  A few sprays, saturate the hair, flat iron for several swipes and voilà, highlights achieved.

I did grow up in the late 90's and therefore cannot help to compare it to a similar product called Sun-In, the only difference here is you rely on the Sun and the heat to alter the colour of your hair naturally.

I am excited to try it and see if I can achieve at-home ombre highlights.

The product snapshot is below and it is called Easy Lites:
Courtesy of: 

We shall check back and I will post the Part 2 blog post here.

Always Smile :)  - Sand

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